Slow travel:
Join the movement &

Discover art

Forget for a moment everything that evokes the word TRAVEL. We have given it a new meaning. We offer the opportunity to admire, contemplate, dream and taste the deepest and most authentic of the Basque Country and beyond.

Dive into the landscape

Enjoy every moment, relate to its people, soak up their lifestyle and disconnect for a few days in small accommodations and charming hotels.

Enjoy a sunset

At Slow Travel we seek simple pleasures, where peace of mind is of the utmost importance and for this we invite you to know the Basque Country in a different way.

Relax on the terrace

If you like the beach … enjoy the sea breeze. If you like the mountain … breathe the pure air of nature. If you like to stroll … admire the historical centers. Have some tea or a soda or wine, but take your time. The rush disappears. We do not offer you a table and a chair, but we invite you to enjoy a small space to disconnect and be captivated by everything that surrounds you.