Slow City

Lekeitio – Bizkaia


The calm and the tranquillity go hand in hand in this monumental complex of the XVII century formed by the Hotel and the Palace of Zubieta.

Located in Lekeitio, it is a charming hotel on the Basque Coast. The hotel pleasantly surprises the visitor from the entrance to Lekeitio. A stone arch topped with shields at the sides leads you to a picturesque area that one does not expect to find only a five minute walk from the port of Lekeitio and its beaches.

After crossing a path flanked by bamboo canes at the sides, we arrive in front of a 17th century building harmoniously restored and surrounded by gardens, with splendid views of the Zubieta Palace from its large outdoor terrace. The smell of freshly cut grass, an explosion of colour and the majesty of the Palace strikes you in contrast to the simplicity of the hotel.


A few days in a charming coastal town of the Basque Country. Lost between the mountain and the sea this beautiful place has a wide variety of resources to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Its squares and cobblestone streets welcome the visitor and surprise one with its monumental churches, palaces, tower-houses and any of its three beaches.

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  • “Lea Ibilbidea” trail
  • Visit to the lighthouse of Lekeitio
  • Tour from the seafront to the island of San Nicolás