Descubre una nueva manera de viajar

Slow enjoy

Enjoy Gastronomy

Live a unique experience discovering the Basque Country and its surroundings in a different way; from its gastronomic traditions. Disconnect from everything around you and sharpen your palate. Thousands of flavors wait for you to discover yourself. It is not a meal, but an experience at the table. A sumptuous restaurant, a typical tavern, some cooking classes, or pick from the orchard with your own hands to taste later.

Enjoy Enology

Enjoy the fascinating world of wine with experts who will guide you from picking the grape to presenting it on the table. The options are endless: tastings, walks through the wineries, walks through the surrounding areas, experience the grape harvest …. Breathe its aroma and taste its many flavors. Lose yourself in a world that invites you to dream and savour the good life. Live a unique experience discovering a whole tradition.

Enjoy Nature

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature and let your five senses soak in what surrounds you. Forget the time for a few hours and use the best camera, your eyes, to record the images on a single hard drive, your mind. Disconnect from the noise and rush, enjoy the moment and let yourself go only where nature takes you. For this, we offer you an endless number of outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking trails or horseback riding.

Enjoy Sports

Leave the car behind and discover unexplored corners of the most authentic Basque Country by bicycle, horseback or on foot. Discover your deeper side and create harmony with your body by practicing yoga in one of our sanctuaries; or if you prefer, relax and enjoy a golf break in one of our extraordinary courses.
The important thing for us is your well-being, because sport is not an activity but a lifestyle. We aim to achieve a balance between your physical, mental and emotional state.