Responsible Tourism

Natxitua – Bizkaia (16.2 km from Gernika)


Located in Natxitua, between Gernika and Lekeitio, 2 km from the port of Elantxobe, 5 km from Laga beach, 5 km from Laida beach and 5 km from Ea beach. A space of nature that offers five unique options of accommodations to enjoy some peace and quiet. The main building is a 15th century stone farmhouse that gives its name to the surroundings. The rest are wooden houses with their unique architecture and history.


This experience gives you a very pleasant stay in the middle of nature, with plenty of leisure options to choose from. You can enjoy different activities like the visit to the Forest of Oma or the Cave of Santimamiñe, both very popular tourist attractions in Biscay. For sun lovers, less than 5 km away you can find three different beaches.

Complete your experience with…

  • Diving and canoeing courses
  • Private transport
  • Guide service


  • Visit to the Berroja Winery
  • Visit to the Oma Forest
  • Visit to the Santimamiñe Cave