Medieval Village

Santillana del Mar – Cantabria (29.2 km from Santander)


Spend time in nature and stay at this charming hotel, a 17th century building with 32 rooms. Its location in the centre of the village Santillana del Mar is perfect for a stroll around the old quarter and getting to know the history of the village. Near the hotel are the Museum of the Inquisition and several museums of architecture, culture and history.

Altamira Caves are just 2 km from the hotel and Santander is 30 km away.

The proximity to the beach allows you to do surfing activities, horseback riding, visit the Santillana del Mar zoo…


This experience will allow you to enjoy the western coast of Cantabria by the Cantabrian Sea. This well-preserved medieval village, listed as a Historical Artistic Site, will allow you to transport yourself to the past when you wander around its quaint cobbled streets.

Complete your experience with…

  • Guide service
  • Private transport
  • Instructors for excursions
  • Visit to the Santillana del Mar Zoo


  • 4x4 route
  • Water activities
  • Visit to the Santillana del Mar Zoo